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Poetar sincero

A few years back a fan posted a picture of Balls Pyramid on my FB page and asked if it could be jumped. When I saw the picture I couldn't believe the place was real. I thought it had been photoshopped. I then started doing a little research on google and found out the place was very real and next to an amazing island called Lord Howe. I sent the picture to my very good friend Luigi Cani and asked him if he thought this would make a good location for a project. He said absolutely and he started putting everything together to go there and fly wing-suits next to this amazing and beautiful location. It may be the single most beautiful place I have ever been. It really did feel like an alien landscape from another planet. @GoPro #gopro Pelican Products  Apex BASE
Posted by Jeb Corliss on Quinta, 16 de abril de 2015

O poeta foi assaltado
Por duas letras “A”
Que saltaram de sua folha
E era dia de semana
Em plena Copacabana.
Levaram-lhe a inspiração
Lembrou-se das casas com luz e…

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